next generation of turf care management

PR Coyne & Sons would like to introduce you to the HUSQVARNA COERA™ RANGE.  A revolutionary new autonomous solution for large green spaces. COERA™ is big news for sports clubs and green space professionals as it provides a cost-efficient and sustainable solution with excellent performance and reliability. COERA™  systematically cuts larger spaces with superb results. It also uses Husqvarna EPOS™ technology to create virtual boundaries for easy and hassle-free operation.

Ceora All Weather

all weather ready

CEORA™ works under all weather conditions, rain or sunshine, delivering extraordinary results even in the toughest weather conditions.


get more done

The CEORA™ Range provides you with more time for your workforce to focus on other, more valuable, tasks and less time spent maintaining turf grounds.

Ceora Virtual boundary

virtual boundaries

With Husqvarna’s satellite-based EPOS™ technology (Exact Positioning Operating System) you won’t need physical boundary wires and you get unparalleled flexibility.

Ceora Better Planet

a better planet

THE HUSQVARNA CEORA is lightweight, battery-driven and virtually silent. It not only cuts grass silently but also minimizes your carbon footprint.

infinite possibilities

Thanks to their broad application range, Husqvarna autonomous solutions create huge opportunities for our green space professionals to scale up or refine their operations.  Sports clubs, facility managers, municipalities, landscapers or anyone else involved in commercial turf care can benefit from everything from superb results and impressive terrain performance to the chance to save on both time and equipment costs.

Level Up The Playing Field

The modern sports facility is the ideal arena for CEORA™ to show off its versatile skills. Most golf courses and sports fields require extra maintenance and expenses from fertilising to watering and cutting. CEORA™ allows you to trim time and expenses while also enhancing the aesthetics of your green spaces.

our ceora™ range