The Husqvarna AUTOMOWER® CEORA™ SC4: CHARGING STATION CEORA CS4 GB stands as a testament to advanced turf management technology, offering a reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution to maintaining large-scale sports and golf course landscapes. It enhances the autonomous mowing capabilities of the CEORA™0 range, ensuring your green spaces are impeccably maintained with minimal effort. Invest in the CEORA™ SC4 Charging Station and transform your turf management into a streamlined, efficient, and autonomous operation.


Elevate the efficiency and functionality of your turf management with the Husqvarna AUTOMOWER® CEORA™ SC4: CHARGING STATION CEORA CS4 GB. Specifically designed for the sophisticated needs of Golf Course Management and Sports Turf Management, this charging station is the cornerstone of autonomous mowing solutions provided by the renowned Husqvarna CEORA™ range.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless Operation: Ensures your Husqvarna CEORA™ mowers are always charged and ready for action, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity on vast turf areas up to 6 acres for professional sports quality, and even up to 18 acres for regular quality.
  • Enhanced Cost Efficiency: Complementing the CEORA™ mowers, the SC4 Charging Station contributes to significant savings on labor and equipment costs by ensuring the automated systems are continuously operational, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Built with safety in mind, the charging station integrates seamlessly with the CEORA™ mowers’ safety protocols, providing a secure charging environment and ensuring that your automated mowing solution operates without hitches during day and night.

Key Features:

  • Autonomous Mowing Support: Specifically designed to support the systematic cutting and virtual boundaries offered by the CEORA™ range, facilitating an easier and more effective turf management process.
  • Compatibility with EPOS Technology: Perfectly complements the CEORA™ range’s EPOS™ technology, supporting boundary wire-free operation and allowing for seamless integration into your current turf management system.
  • Durable and Modular Design: The SC4 Charging Station is built to withstand outdoor conditions and can be integrated into the CEORA™ modular system, providing a flexible and durable solution to meet specific operational needs.