The Husqvarna Automower CEORA™ RZ 43L CUTTING DECK is the perfect addition to your turf care arsenal. Designed to complement the advanced CEORA™ range, this cutting deck allows for more precise, efficient, and safe maintenance of golf courses and sports fields. Say goodbye to inconsistent cuts and the high costs of traditional turf management. With the RZ 43L, you’re not just investing in a cutting deck; you’re investing in the future of your turf.


Elevate your turf care to the next level with the Husqvarna Automower CEORA™ CEORA™ RZ 43L CUTTING DECK, specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of Golf Course Management and Sports Turf Management. This innovative cutting deck accessory complements the CEORA range, delivering precision, efficiency, and sustainability on a grand scale.

Key Benefits:

  • Large Area Capacity: Seamlessly tackle vast spaces, with the capacity to manage up to 6 acres for top-tier sports quality, 12 acres for professional standards, and 18 acres for regular maintenance, ensuring your turf remains pristine and green.
  • Cost Efficiency: Experience unprecedented savings in labor and equipment expenditure. This cutting deck works in harmony with the CEORA™ mowers, handling the workload of up to 12 traditional mowers and significantly reducing operating costs.
  • Safety Features: Designed with safety in mind, the RZ 43L Cutting Deck incorporates object avoidance technology and safety lighting, ensuring operations are safe day and night, thereby protecting your turf, your staff, and your peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Autonomous Mowing Solution: Enhance your CEORA™ mowing experience with systematic cutting and virtual boundary capabilities, ensuring consistent, high-quality care with reduced need for human intervention.
  • EPOS Technology Compatibility: Fully compatible with CEORA’s revolutionary Exact Positioning Operating System for wire-free operation, this cutting deck allows for customizable cutting heights, areas, and schedules tailored to your course or field’s specific needs.
  • Modular System Integration: As part of the CEORA’s modular system, the RZ 43L Cutting Deck can be easily integrated and adapted to meet your unique operational requirements, offering flexibility and efficiency in turf management.