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Contact Details:    046 955 1910 General Enquiries -   046 955 1910 PR Coyne & Sons Dublin Road, Clonard,  Enfield, Co. Meath Testimonials

I was looking to replace my ride on mower and asked a local landscaper what would suit best, he suggested a robotic mower.  After several unsuccessful attempts to get a a supplier to contact me, I reached out to P R Coynes in Clonard, explained to the guy what I was looking for, gave my Eircode and was told that he would be back to me later that day with his recommendations.  To be honest - I thought that would be the last I hear from them, as none of my other attempts from alternative suppliers had returned with a quote.

To my surprise, I received a call back from Kevin - he recommended the Husqvarna AM315 and he suggested that he should call out to assess the lawn as he could see from Google Earth, that my garden looked to be in two sections.  Next morning, Kevin arrived as promised, surveyed the garden, suggested how to configure the mower and told me what he need to do to set up the Auto Mower.  After agreeing to proceed with the mower, Kevin provided details of times / dates he was available and we agreed for the end of that week.  

Kevin arrived and installed the mower - all up this took about 2-3 hrs.  Later that day, the mower got to work on the back garden. 3 days later, I had to call Kevin back as the mower stopped working. My pup dug up the cable and chewed it to bits.  Kevin reconnected the cable and the mower was back in action.  3 more times the pup dug up the cable, resulting in him having to return to reconnect.  Each time, he tried a different technique, he persevered until the problem was resolved.  The final solution was to use a cable contained in  heavy duty ducting buried deeper than the normal.  The end result is the the pup can't get to the cable and the mower carries on regardless.  FYI - there is no issue using the mower with animals, I had a young pup that liked to dig and chew.  Many thanks to Kevin and his excellent customer service.

Jo, Tyrellspass, County Westmeath

Best Move Ever 

I’ve been using the Husqvarna 450x auto-mower for over a year now and it’s done two things for me - got rid of a real chore, and made my lawn a vibrant green nearly all year round.

The service, technical help and general advice from Kevin in PR Coyne was superb, always available particularly with the inevitable initial teething problems.

The grass area in my lawn of about one acre is a relatively complex shape but the auto-mower gets round to it all in what looks like random movement but probably isn’t!

I’m happy to recommend both Pr Coyne and the Husqvarna auto-mower!

B.J. Mullingar, County Westmeath