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Castelgarden is a leading European brand, well-known for its ride on mowers, lawnmowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and cultivators.

Castelgarden offers excellence and exclusive Italian design through product development.

Castelgarden strives to maintain collection efficiency and power, performance even in the most difficult mowing conditions, as well as design and comfort.

Castelgarden products meets all the needs of those who take pleasure in caring for their garden. Powerful and safe, technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and exciting to drive, the high quality of Castelgarden products is a winner every time. Castlegarden is an important name in all European markets, with an extensive distribution network to cover all distribution channels. Whether you need a product for domestic or professional use, Castelgarden is the ideal partner to power your passion for nature in all seasons.

Accessories - Protective Cover

Castelgarden XB425H Brushcutter

Castelgarden XR425HJ grass strimmer

Castelgarden XM140HD front deck rider

Castelgarden PC3540 compact chainsaw

Castelgarden XA55MBS BBC Electric Lawnmower

Castelgarden XP50B Electric lawnmower

Castelgarden EP414-B  lawnmower

Castelgarden XC48BW lawnmower

Castelgarden XA50BS lawnmower

Castelgarden XT190HD tractor mower

Castelgarden PT170HD tractor mower

Castelgarden XT220HD tractor

Castelgarden XDC140HD tractor lawn mower

Castelgarden Tellus-360G 4-rotor cultivator

Castelgarden TELLUS-50G 4-rotor cultivator

Castelgarden TELLUS-50RB 4-rotor cultivator

Castelgarden BIO-SHREDDER