Trimmer 215iHD45 Kit

The Husqvarna Trimmer 215iL and 215iHD45 Hedgetrimmer Kit is a perfect match for gardeners looking to streamline their gardening equipment without compromising on power and performance. Whether you are meticulously edging your lawn, shaping your hedges, or undertaking general garden maintenance, this kit provides you with the tools needed to do the job efficiently and effectively. With their advanced features and sustainable design, these tools not only make gardening more enjoyable but also help preserve the beauty of your outdoor environment. Equip yourself with this Husqvarna kit and experience a new level of gardening convenience and efficiency.


Husqvarna Trimmer 215iL Trimmer & 215iHD45 Hedgetrimmer Kit including B140 & C80

Introducing the ultimate gardening duo for villagers and town dwellers across Ireland: the Husqvarna Trimmer 215iL and 215iHD45 Hedgetrimmer Kit. This comprehensive package, complete with a B140 battery and C80 charger, is designed to handle a wide array of gardening tasks from trimming grass edges to shaping hedges, combining top-tier efficiency, ergonomic design, and environmental sustainability.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Both the trimmer and hedge trimmer are designed for high performance, allowing you to accomplish gardening tasks more quickly and with less effort than manual tools.
  • Ergonomic Design: Engineered for comfort and ease of use, both tools feature ergonomically designed handles and balanced weight distribution, reducing physical strain and making them accessible to gardeners of all abilities.
  • Environmental Impact: Operating on electric power, these tools produce zero emissions at the point of use and are significantly quieter than gas-powered equivalents, making them ideal for eco-conscious users and residential areas.

Key Features:

  • Cordless Operation: Powered by the efficient B140 battery, both the trimmer and hedge trimmer offer the convenience of cordless operation, providing the freedom to move around your garden without the limitations of cords or fuel.
  • Smart Technology Integration: Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, these tools can be connected to the Husqvarna mobile app for easy monitoring and management of settings, ensuring optimal performance and battery usage.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Both tools are designed to be lightweight and compact, enhancing maneuverability and reducing fatigue during extended use, while also being easy to store when not in use.