Split Shaft Attachment DB110

The Husqvarna SPLIT SHAFT ATTACHMENT DB110 is an excellent addition for any gardener seeking to enhance the functionality of their Husqvarna 110iL. This attachment not only expands the capabilities of your trimmer into a versatile blower but does so in a way that is easy to manage and highly effective. Whether you’re dealing with autumn leaves, grass clippings after mowing, or light snowfalls, the DB110 provides a quick and efficient solution, making it a valuable tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your garden all year round. Simplify your garden maintenance and enjoy more time appreciating the beauty of your outdoor spaces with this ingenious attachment.


Husqvarna SPLIT SHAFT ATTACHMENT DB110 Detachable Blower Attachment for 110iL

Introducing the Husqvarna SPLIT SHAFT ATTACHMENT DB110, a detachable blower attachment designed to transform your 110iL into a powerful blower, perfect for gardeners in villages and towns across Ireland. This attachment is ideal for those looking to maximize the utility of their Husqvarna equipment, offering a way to clear leaves, debris, and even light snow efficiently.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Quickly clear your garden paths, driveways, and lawns with the powerful blower function of the DB110, reducing the time spent on cleanup tasks significantly.
  • Versatility and Multi-functionality: With this attachment, your trimmer converts into a multi-functional tool that not only trims but also helps in maintaining the cleanliness and order of your outdoor spaces.
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be easily attached and detached from the Husqvarna 110iL, this blower attachment simplifies your gardening tasks without the need for additional complicated tools.

Key Features:

  • Cordless Operation: Like the trimmer itself, this blower attachment operates without the need for cords, offering the freedom to move around your garden unrestricted.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The DB110 is designed to be light and easy to handle, ensuring that its addition does not make the unit cumbersome, maintaining its maneuverability.
  • Smart Technology Integration: Utilizes the existing smart features of the 110iL, such as battery efficiency and power management, to provide an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.