Husqvarna SCARIFIER S138i – 38cm, KIT INCL B140 & C80

Discover the future of professional lawn care with the Husqvarna Scarifier S138i – 38cm, Kit Incl B140 & C80. This all-inclusive package offers an eco-friendly, efficient, and effective solution for revitalizing and maintaining the health of lawns across commercial properties and large estates. With its optimal working width, included battery and charger, and user-centric design, it’s the ideal tool for professionals seeking to optimize their workflow, reduce labor time, and achieve superior results in lawn maintenance.


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Elevate your landscaping prowess with the Husqvarna Scarifier S138i – 38cm, Kit Incl B140 & C80, engineered specifically for professional landscapers and groundskeepers tasked with the care of commercial properties, golf courses, and large estates. This comprehensive kit is your all-in-one solution for promoting lawn health, offering a sustainable and efficient approach to removing thatch and moss, thus ensuring optimal nutrient and water absorption for the grass.

Key Benefits:

  • Sustainable Operation: Battery-powered for reduced emissions and noise, providing an eco-friendly solution to lawn maintenance without compromising on power.
  • Complete Kit for Immediate Use: Comes with a B140 battery and C80 charger, ensuring you have everything needed to start immediately, maximizing productivity.
  • Optimal Lawn Care: Enhances the health and appearance of lawns by effectively removing thatch and moss, promoting better growth and resilience.

Key Features:

  • 38cm Working Width: Perfectly sized for professional use, allowing for efficient coverage of large areas while ensuring thorough scarification.
  • Included Battery and Charger: The B140 battery and C80 charger offer convenience and extended run times, making it ideal for large-scale projects.
  • User-Friendly Design: Designed with the operator in mind, it features ergonomic handles and easy operation, minimizing fatigue and increasing comfort during prolonged use.

The Husqvarna Scarifier S138i – 38cm, equipped with the B140 battery and C80 charger, represents a significant leap forward in lawn maintenance technology. Designed for the demands of professional landscaping, this kit provides everything needed to maintain the health and aesthetics of expansive green spaces. By combining the efficiency of a 38cm working width with the convenience of a complete battery system, landscapers and groundskeepers can now enjoy a more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable way to care for lawns. Whether you’re reviving a neglected lawn or maintaining the pristine appearance of a high-profile estate, the Husqvarna Scarifier S138i kit ensures that every job is done effectively and to the highest standards of quality.