Husqvarna SCARIFIER S138i – 38cm, BARE UNIT

Elevate your professional landscaping game with the Husqvarna Scarifier Battery S138i – 38cm, Bare Unit. Designed for the eco-conscious professional, this battery-powered scarifier offers a sustainable, efficient way to maintain lawn health across large estates and commercial properties. Its wide working width, coupled with the convenience of battery operation, ensures optimal performance and ease of use while promoting lush, healthy lawns free from thatch and moss. Achieve unparalleled results and operational comfort, making every project a testament to professional excellence.


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Introducing the Husqvarna Scarifier Battery S138i – 38cm, Bare Unit, the ultimate solution for professional landscapers and groundskeepers dedicated to maintaining pristine commercial properties, golf courses, and large estates. This innovative tool is designed to enhance the health and appearance of lawns by efficiently removing thatch and moss, promoting better nutrient and water absorption. With its battery-powered operation, the S138i combines environmental friendliness with unparalleled ease of use and performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Operates on battery power, offering a greener, more sustainable way to care for lawns without sacrificing performance.
  • Enhanced Lawn Health: By thoroughly removing thatch and moss, it encourages healthier lawn growth, ensuring lush, vibrant green spaces.
  • Convenience and Portability: Being a battery-operated unit, it eliminates the hassle of cords and gasoline, making it easy to transport and use across various locations.

Key Features:

  • 38cm Working Width: Ideal for efficiently covering a wide area while still being maneuverable enough to navigate tight spaces and intricacies of landscaped areas.
  • Bare Unit Flexibility: Allows for the use of existing Husqvarna batteries, making it a versatile addition to the professional’s toolkit without the need for additional battery purchases.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features include easy start-up, low noise levels, and minimal vibrations, enhancing operator comfort during extended use.

The Husqvarna Scarifier Battery S138i is not just a tool but a revolutionary approach to lawn care for professional landscapers and groundskeepers. Its 38cm working width efficiently tackles larger areas, while the convenience of battery operation offers the flexibility to work anywhere without concern for power sources or the mess of gasoline. Designed for those who take pride in maintaining immaculate outdoor spaces, the S138i ensures that lawns not only look their best but are also healthier and more resilient. Whether you’re rejuvenating a neglected lawn or maintaining a high-profile estate, the S138i is your partner in achieving and sustaining superior lawn quality.