Lawnmower Petrol LC 551SP

The Husqvarna Lawnmower Petrol LC 551SP is the ultimate tool for those who take pride in their lawn and demand the best in lawn care technology. It’s not just about cutting grass—it’s about providing a premium lawn care experience, ensuring your lawn is a reflection of your dedication to quality and efficiency. Whether you’re maintaining a small yard or managing a large landscape, the LC 551SP offers the performance, durability, and efficiency you need to get the job done right. With the LC 551SP, Husqvarna continues to set the standard for what it means to care for your lawn, making it easier and more enjoyable to achieve the beautiful, lush lawn you’ve always wanted.


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The Husqvarna Lawnmower Petrol LC 551SP is engineered for the DIY Lawn Care Enthusiast who values not just the appearance of their lawn, but the quality, durability, and efficiency of the equipment they use. With a rich heritage of innovative engineering, Husqvarna has created a lawnmower that stands up to the toughest conditions while providing a clean, precise cut every time. The LC 551SP is designed to make lawn care a pleasure, not a chore, ensuring that every use is as satisfying as the last.

Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional Durability: Built to last, the LC 551SP features high-quality materials and engineering, ensuring it can withstand tough mowing conditions and prolonged use, year after year.
  • Outstanding Performance: Achieve a professionally manicured lawn with the LC 551SP, designed to offer a clean, precise cut across a variety of lawn sizes and complexities.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Maximize your lawn care with a mower that features easy starts, adjustable speed for tailored operation, and minimal maintenance requirements, allowing you more time to enjoy your perfect lawn.

Key Features:

  • Self-Propelled AutoWalk™ Technology: Enjoy the ease of self-propelled mowing with AutoWalk™ technology, allowing you to adjust the mower’s pace to your walking speed, reducing fatigue and enhancing your mowing experience.
  • Robust Endurance Cutting Decks: The LC 551SP is equipped with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck, designed to tackle tough conditions and ensure durability, while consistently delivering a superior cut.
  • SmartStart™ Technology & Connectivity: Experience hassle-free starts thanks to SmartStart™ technology, and stay on top of your mower’s maintenance with the Husqvarna Connect app, offering maintenance reminders, troubleshooting, and lawn care tips directly on your smartphone.