Husqvarna Tiller TF325

Maximize your efficiency in soil preparation with the Husqvarna Tiller TF 325. Equipped with a robust RATO engine and capable of reaching depths of 30cm with a 60cm width, this front tine tiller is designed for the professional looking to save time and labor on large-scale projects. Tailor it to your exact needs with optional accessories, ensuring versatility and superior performance in any task. Built for durability, the TF 325 is the reliable, high-performance solution to your landscaping challenges.


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Transform Your Soil with the Husqvarna Tiller TF 325 – The Ultimate Front Tine Tiller

The Husqvarna Tiller TF 325 is designed to meet the high demands of professional landscapers and groundskeepers managing commercial properties, golf courses, and large estates. This powerhouse combines efficiency, control, and durability, making it the perfect tool for preparing soil for planting, cultivation, or aeration. With the TF 325, Husqvarna continues its tradition of delivering high-performance, labor-saving solutions to the landscaping industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Soil Cultivation: With a generous 60cm width and 30cm depth, the TF 325 covers large areas quickly, making soil preparation tasks more efficient than ever.
  • Customizable Performance: Optional accessories allow you to tailor the tiller to specific tasks, enhancing its versatility and utility across a range of soil types and conditions.
  • Built to Last: The robust RATO engine and sturdy construction ensure the tiller withstands the rigors of heavy, professional use, offering reliability and long service life.

Key Features:

  • RATO Engine: Provides reliable, powerful performance designed to tackle tough soil conditions without faltering.
  • Large Working Width and Depth: Achieves a 60cm working width and 30cm depth, allowing for efficient soil turnover and preparation on a variety of landscapes.
  • Optional Accessories: Enhance your tiller’s functionality with a range of accessories designed for specific landscaping needs, from aeration to weed control.

The Husqvarna Tiller TF 325 Front Tine Tiller is a testament to Husqvarna’s commitment to providing professional-grade tools that simplify and improve the efficiency of landscaping tasks. Whether preparing the ground for a new season, cultivating between rows, or tackling tough soil, the TF 325’s combination of a powerful RATO engine with a substantial working width and depth ensures your work is not only quicker but also more effective. Designed with the professional in mind, it includes features that reduce operator fatigue and allow for customization to specific landscaping needs. The availability of optional accessories further enhances its utility, making it a versatile tool in the arsenal of any professional landscaper or groundskeeper.