Husqvarna Rider R420TS AWD

The Husqvarna R420TSXAWD RIDER – Kawasaki FS V Twin, offered with optional Combi 112cm or CombiTurf 122cm decks, stands as the ultimate tool for professionals who refuse to compromise on quality and efficiency. This high-performance riding mower not only accelerates productivity but also ensures each job is done with the highest precision and safety. It is the ideal solution for those who manage extensive commercial properties or provide meticulous client services, delivering impeccable results that elevate the standards of professional landscaping. Whether tackling rugged terrain or maintaining pristine lawns, the R420TSXAWD RIDER is your partner in achieving landscaping excellence.


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Introducing the Husqvarna R420TSXAWD RIDER – Kawasaki FS V Twin, DECKLESS with Options for Combi 112cm or CombiTurf 122cm

For professional landscapers and contractors demanding unparalleled efficiency and performance in their equipment, the Husqvarna R420TSXAWD RIDER emerges as a premier choice. Powered by a robust Kawasaki FS V Twin engine and available as a deckless model with options for either a Combi 112cm or CombiTurf 122cm deck, this mower is tailored to handle extensive commercial projects with precision and ease.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Designed to cover vast areas rapidly and efficiently, the R420TSXAWD RIDER significantly reduces the time required for mowing, enhancing productivity on large-scale projects.
  • Versatility: This mower excels in a variety of terrains and grass types, making it ideal for diverse landscaping needs and ensuring consistent performance regardless of the conditions.
  • Comfort: With ergonomic features such as adjustable seats and steering wheels, along with advanced vibration-reduction systems, it provides superior comfort, allowing for extended periods of use without fatigue.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials and robust components, the R420TSXAWD is built to endure the rigors of frequent and intensive use, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Precision Cutting: The advanced cutting systems deliver precise and consistent results, enhancing the visual appeal and health of the landscapes it maintains.
  • Safety: Incorporating critical safety features such as automatic shut-off when the operator leaves the seat and durable protective structures, it prioritizes operator safety at all times.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Engine: The Kawasaki FS V Twin engine provides the necessary power, torque, and efficiency to handle extensive mowing tasks effortlessly.
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD): Superior traction and control on uneven or sloped terrain are achieved through AWD, making it suitable for challenging landscapes.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: Flexibility in cutting height adjustments allows the operator to tailor the mower to specific grass lengths and landscaping requirements.
  • Mulching and Bagging Options: Offers the flexibility to choose between mulching and bagging for grass disposal, catering to different client preferences and environmental considerations.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Ensures smooth, precise control over the mower’s movement, providing an easy and responsive mowing experience.
  • Heavy-Duty Decks: Compatible with heavy-duty Combi 112cm or CombiTurf 122cm decks made from reinforced steel, designed for durability and high performance in tough conditions.
  • Smart Features: Equipped with modern technologies such as GPS navigation and smartphone connectivity, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of landscaping operations.