Charger Aspire P4A 18-C70 IE

Discover the power of efficient charging with the Husqvarna BATTERY CHARGER P4A 18-C70 IE, specifically designed for professional landscapers and gardeners. This high-performance charger offers rapid charging, optimized battery health, and universal compatibility with Husqvarna batteries, ensuring your tools are always ready for the task at hand. With its durable construction and LED status indicators, the P4A 18-C70 IE is an indispensable asset for any professional looking to enhance their productivity and extend the lifespan of their batteries.


Elevate your charging efficiency with the Husqvarna BATTERY CHARGER P4A 18-C70 IE, the ultimate charging companion for professional landscapers and gardeners. Designed to meet the high standards of durability, performance, and versatility that professionals demand, this charger is an essential tool for anyone looking to maximize their productivity and reduce downtime. The P4A 18-C70 IE is not just any charger; it’s a powerful testament to Husqvarna’s innovation in battery technology, offering rapid charging capabilities, smart charging features, and unparalleled compatibility with all Husqvarna battery models. It ensures your batteries are always ready to go, keeping your tools powered through the longest workdays.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerated Charging Times: With the P4A 18-C70 IE, you’ll enjoy significantly reduced charging times, ensuring your batteries are quickly ready for action and you can maintain high productivity levels.
  • Optimized Battery Health: The smart charging feature extends the life of your batteries by maintaining their health, giving you more value out of every charge.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to work with all Husqvarna battery models, this charger offers unmatched versatility, allowing you to streamline your toolkit without worrying about compatibility issues.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Design: The P4A 18-C70 IE is engineered for efficiency, offering fast and reliable charging that gets your tools back in your hands faster.
  • LED Status Indicators: No more guessing game; the easy-to-read LED lights immediately inform you about the charging status and battery health.
  • Durable Construction: Built to Husqvarna’s rigorous standards, this charger is designed to withstand the demands of professional use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

For professionals in landscaping and gardening, the Husqvarna BATTERY CHARGER P4A 18-C70 IE represents a leap forward in charging technology. Its fast charging capabilities reduce downtime, while the smart charging feature ensures your batteries last longer, providing significant long-term savings. The charger’s compatibility with all Husqvarna battery models enhances its value, making it a versatile tool in your arsenal. Whether you’re managing a fleet of equipment or looking to streamline your operations, the P4A 18-C70 IE charger is designed to keep you and your tools running at peak efficiency.