Charger Aspire P4A 18-C170

Maximize your productivity with the Husqvarna CHARGER ASPIRE FAST CHARGING (BATTERY CHARGER P4A 18-C170 8A Charger IE), designed for professional use. This high-performance charger offers ultra-fast charging speeds, enhanced battery longevity, and universal compatibility with all Husqvarna batteries. Built to withstand professional demands and equipped with smart, eco-friendly charging features, it’s the perfect upgrade for any professional landscaping or gardening operation looking to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.


Experience unprecedented charging efficiency with the Husqvarna CHARGER ASPIRE FAST CHARGING (BATTERY CHARGER P4A 18-C170 8A Charger IE), a powerhouse designed specifically for professional landscapers and gardeners who demand the utmost in performance, durability, and flexibility. This robust charger is built to keep your Husqvarna tools running at full capacity, ensuring that you can maintain your productivity throughout the longest workdays. Its high-speed capabilities and advanced features set a new standard for battery charging in demanding professional environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-Fast Charging: With an impressive 8A output, the ASPIRE FAST CHARGING system dramatically shortens charging times, helping you get back to work faster than ever before.
  • Enhanced Battery Longevity: Smart charging technology not only charges your batteries quickly but also optimizes their health and lifespan, ensuring your tools are always powered by reliable and efficient energy.
  • Universal Tool Compatibility: This charger is compatible with all Husqvarna battery models, making it a versatile addition to any professional toolkit, allowing seamless transition between tools without the need for multiple chargers.

Key Features:

  • Industrial-Strength Build: Constructed to endure the rigors of professional use, the P4A 18-C170 withstands harsh conditions, ensuring reliability and long service life.
  • Intuitive LED Status Indicators: Stay informed with clear and concise LED indicators that display charging status and battery health at a glance, eliminating downtime and guesswork.
  • Eco-Conscious Performance: Adhere to green practices with a charger that reduces energy consumption and emissions, aligning with environmental standards and enhancing your company’s eco-profile.

For professional landscapers and gardeners, the Husqvarna CHARGER ASPIRE FAST CHARGING (BATTERY CHARGER P4A 18-C170 8A Charger IE) is an essential tool that brings efficiency and power to the forefront of your operations. It ensures that your batteries are charged faster and last longer, so you can continue delivering high-quality results with less interruption. Whether you are managing a fleet of equipment or handling diverse landscaping tasks, this charger is designed to keep up with the pace of your work, providing a reliable and efficient charging solution day in and day out.