Chainsaw Battery T540i XP 14″

The Husqvarna CHAINSAW BATTERY TOP HANDLE T540iXP 14″ redefines what it means to maintain and beautify your garden. Whether you are a professional arborist or a passionate hobbyist, this chainsaw will elevate your gardening efforts, combining advanced technology with user-focused design to ensure every task is completed with efficiency and ease. Its larger bar size allows for quicker cutting through thicker branches, while its ergonomic and environmental features make it a joy to use. Embrace the future of gardening with a tool that’s as ready for big tasks as it is for precise trimming, all while being easy on the environment and your body.


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Discover the pinnacle of gardening excellence with the Husqvarna CHAINSAW BATTERY TOP HANDLE T540iXP 14″, designed specifically for the avid gardeners of Ireland’s villages and towns. This state-of-the-art chainsaw combines power, precision, and portability, enabling you to tackle both intricate pruning and robust tree management with unparalleled ease.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Equipped with a robust 14-inch bar, this chainsaw allows you to handle larger tasks more efficiently, dramatically reducing the time spent on each job compared to traditional models.
  • Ergonomic Design: The top handle design is optimized for ease and comfort, significantly reducing physical strain and making it accessible to gardeners of all skill levels, including those with physical limitations.
  • Environmental Impact: Operating on a high-capacity battery, the T540iXP provides a clean, emission-free solution to tree care, perfect for eco-conscious gardeners seeking to minimize their environmental footprint.

Key Features:

  • Cordless Operation: The freedom of cordless operation enhances your mobility, allowing you to maneuver easily around large trees and through tight spaces without the inconvenience of dragging a cord.
  • Smart Technology Integration: With Bluetooth connectivity and integration with Husqvarna’s innovative mobile apps, you can monitor the health and maintenance needs of your chainsaw directly from your smartphone, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Despite its powerful capabilities, the T540iXP maintains a lightweight and compact form, enhancing maneuverability for overhead or tight-space work and simplifying storage when not in use.