Battery BLI300

Elevate your professional landscaping and gardening projects with the Husqvarna BATTERY BLI300. This robust battery offers extended runtimes and quick recharging, compatible across a broad range of Husqvarna tools, significantly enhancing your efficiency. Built to last and environmentally friendly, the BLI300 is an ideal choice for professionals seeking to streamline their operations and reduce environmental impact. Equip your tools with the BLI300 and experience a new level of power and productivity.


Experience unparalleled power and performance with the Husqvarna BATTERY BLI300, meticulously designed for professional landscapers and gardeners who require reliability and efficiency in their tools. This high-capacity battery is not only a powerhouse of energy but also an integral component of your professional toolkit, providing long-lasting performance and versatility across a wide array of Husqvarna tools. Whether you are mowing vast expanses of lawn or trimming intricate garden details, the BLI300 ensures that your tools operate at peak performance for longer periods, significantly enhancing productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended Runtime: The BLI300 is engineered for prolonged use, allowing you to work for hours on end without the need for frequent recharges, ensuring you can complete large projects with fewer interruptions.
  • Fast Recharge Capability: Equipped with Husqvarna’s advanced fast-charging technology, this battery minimizes downtime, rapidly restoring full power and keeping you productive throughout the day.
  • Tool Compatibility: With its ability to seamlessly integrate into a variety of Husqvarna tools, the BLI300 simplifies your equipment needs, reducing the burden of managing multiple different batteries and enhancing operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Durability: Built to endure harsh environmental conditions and rigorous daily use, the BLI300 is robust and reliable, perfect for the demanding tasks faced by landscaping professionals.
  • Eco-Friendly Performance: This battery reduces your carbon footprint by offering a greener alternative to gas-powered equipment, cutting down on emissions and noise pollution without compromising on power.
  • Smart Charging Technology: Compatible with Husqvarna’s smart chargers, the BLI300 features maintenance modes that extend its lifespan and optimize its performance, coupled with LED indicators that provide instant feedback on charging status and battery health.

The Husqvarna BATTERY BLI300 stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship, designed to meet the specific needs of professional landscapers and gardeners. It combines a powerful, long-lasting energy supply with rapid recharge times and the versatility to switch between tools effortlessly, ensuring you always have the right equipment powered and ready for any task.