Plug In & Reference Station

The Husqvarna Plug-in Kit Reference Station is the ultimate upgrade for your Automower 320 Nera, 430X Nera, and 450X Nera, transforming it into an even more powerful, precise, and eco-friendly lawn maintenance solution. Designed with the busy professional in mind, it leverages advanced technology to save time, reduce environmental impact, and cut down on long-term costs. With this kit, your Automower becomes more than just a lawn mower; it becomes a smart lawn care system that works tirelessly in the background, allowing you to reclaim your time and enjoy a beautifully maintained lawn with zero hassle. Experience the future of lawn care today with the Husqvarna Plug-in Kit Reference Station, and turn your lawn into a testament to efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.


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Introducing the Husqvarna Plug-in Kit Reference Station, a revolutionary upgrade compatible with Automower models 320 Nera, 430X Nera, and 450X Nera. This cutting-edge accessory is designed to elevate your Automower’s performance, ensuring that your lawn maintenance is as effortless and efficient as possible. Tailored for the busy professional, this plug-in kit not only enhances the functionality of your Automower but also ensures that your lawn remains pristine with minimal input from you, maximizing your valuable time for other pursuits.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximized Time Efficiency: Automate your lawn care like never before, allowing the Automower to operate with enhanced precision and autonomy. This means less time worrying about your lawn and more time focusing on what’s important to you.
  • Sustainability at Its Core: By enhancing the efficiency of your Automower, the Plug-in Kit Reference Station contributes to a reduced environmental impact, supporting your eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on lawn quality.
  • Elevated Cost Savings: The enhanced efficiency and precision reduce the need for maintenance, repairs, and energy consumption, translating into notable long-term savings.

Key Features:

  • Precision Navigation Upgrade: Empower your Automower with improved GPS and navigation capabilities, ensuring flawless coverage of your lawn, regardless of its complexity.
  • Robust Weather Adaptability: This plug-in kit fortifies your Automower against the elements, guaranteeing impeccable lawn care through all seasons.
  • Advanced Security Enhancements: Increase the security of your Automower with additional anti-theft measures and monitoring options, providing peace of mind that your investment is well protected.